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Moving Up Day

Moving Up Day

Moving Up Day is one of the oldest traditions of William Smith College. We are usually all together in a tent on Stern Lawn, loudly celebrating the many accomplishments of our students and "moving up" our classes to the next year, as we begin the process of wishing our seniors well in their next chapter.

We will have a socially-distanced outdoor in-person event for Moving Up Day this year on Smith Green (just in front of Smith Hall) from 11:00am - 5:00pm. This event will be hosted by the members of the William Smith Senior Honor Society, Hai Timiai. All community members are invited to stop by at any point during those hours, and there are several gifts for William Smith students to pick up. There will be a short presentation of some special awards given by the members of Hai Timiai at 3:30pm at that tent.

Moving Up Day Videos

Dean Payne

Dean Salter

Kirra Guard '08 MAT '09

Hai Timiai


When the lake in silver morning brightly gleams all blue and clear,
When the sunshine floods the hillsides, shedding glory far and near,
Glad are we that we are with thee, Alma Mater, ever dear.


When a-stealing o’er the campus, soft the dreaming noondays fall,
And from out the pine trees’ shadow wings a bird with lilting call,
Then in pride and joy we praise thee, Alma Mater, loved of all.


When the sun behind the hilltops, radiant sinks at close of day,
And the breeze that stirred the pine trees, softly sighing, dies away,
Then our hearts to thee are turning, Alma Mater, loved for aye.


Oh, William Smith, to thee we sing in heartfelt loyalty,
For all the days that we shall live, we pledge our love to thee.



The Welker Memorial Prize was established in 1928 and is awarded to the student who has been of the greatest general good to the development of the College. While scholarship is a fundamental requirement, it is not in itself more highly considered than the definite contribution of the student to college activities.

  • Audrey Platt

The William Smith First-Year Dean’s Award is given to the William Smith first-year who shows a deep commitment to liberal arts learning, inclusive excellence in their service to and involvement in the community, and whose actions have a positive consequence for the lives of others.

  • Umama Ahmed

William Smith 100th Anniversary Prize is awarded to the sophomore or junior William Smith student who has worked to improve the quality of women’s lives both here at the college and in the wider community.

  • Alassandra “Allie” Bonagura

The Richard Reinitz Prize is given to a rising senior at William Smith with a Humanities or Individual Major, to be granted in recognition of the qualities we cherished in Richard Reinitz. Outspoken in his commitment to justice and to the life of the mind, Richard encouraged action and intellectual vitality in others. He was delighted but never surprised to find these attributes in his students and sought constantly to cultivate them in us all.

  • Juniper Asaro-Niederlitz

The Tara Michelle Espinosa ’98 Memorial Award is presented to a graduating student from William Smith College planning to continue their education for occupational therapy, physical therapy, or other medical studies at the graduate school level. The student will be selected for their leadership, scholarship, and community service attributes and will possess a willingness to put forth effort above and beyond expectations to reach personal goals despite health challenges and lifetime obstacles.

  • Molly Egan

The Stephanie J. Volan '91 Memorial Award is presented to a senior member of the William Smith residence staff who has demonstrated the qualities we valued and respected in Stephanie: enthusiasm, self-assurance, loyalty, generosity, and academic commitment.

  • Delaney Hoodak

The Lisa S. Steinberg '91 Memorial Service Award Is given in memory of Lisa’s generous ethic of service, as evidenced by her sustained involvement with the Literacy Corps and her profound commitment to making the world a better place for everyone.

  • Bailey DiSanto

The Elizabeth Eaton White Award is given to the student at each college who has shown the most promise in pursuing a successful humanitarian career.

  • Edith Falk

The Judith Lowe Hyatt '57 Prize was established by the Class of 1957 to honor the memory of Judith Lowe Hyatt and to honor a William Smith student who has made an extraordinary contribution to fostering the arts within the Hobart and William Smith community.

  • Hope Lee

The William Smith Dean’s Office Prize is awarded to two William Smith seniors who embody the mission of the William Smith Dean’s office: helping students move forward in their lives, mentoring women and girls, setting an example of leadership and always striving for excellence.

  • Tiffany Green
  • Rylee Wernoch

The Dexheimer Student Trustee Recognition Award
For many years, Trustee Emeritus Roy Dexheimer ’55 played an important role in the evolution of the HWS Student Trustee tradition. The Board of Trustees has been inspired with the enthusiasm, ideas and friendship of the student Trustee members. They consistently remind the Trustees, just by their presence, what the Colleges are all about.

  • Audrey Platt

William Smith Congress Awards

The William Smith Congress Award is given to the William Smith senior who has made an outstanding contribution to the College community.

  • Lorena Robelo-Lara

The Gloria Robinson Lowry '52 Award is presented to the William Smith woman of color who, in the opinion of William Smith Congress, has exhibited an energetic and enthusiastic desire to bridge the cultural interstices on campus.

  • Mercy Sherman

The Natasha E. Smith Award is given to a woman of color in the junior class who has demonstrated a dedicated commitment to children through education and community service.

  • Delilah Jesson

The Betsy Bullock Mitchell Class of '65 Award is given to the graduating senior who best encompasses everything that we remember about Betsy: vitality, compassion, courage, enthusiasm, unique flair, a welcoming presence, and love for the women of her alma mater, William Smith.

  • Audrey Platt

The William Smith Spirit Awards is presented to the one student for each class who takes full advantage of all the opportunities afforded to her here. She is the one who is already living a life of consequence’s embracing William Smith’s idea that “it is not what one is, but what one does that counts.”

For the Class of 2021 the recipient is:

  • Shreeya Desai

For the Class of 2022 the recipient is:

  • Star Peña

For the Class of 2023 the recipient is:

  • Niima Sellah

For the Class of 2024 the recipient is:

  • July Winters


The Daisy Weeks Buchholz '12 Ring Award is presented to a junior William Smith student, nominated by their peers, who is an exemplary leader and citizen, having served the College well in their time here, and who is likely to benefit it and serve it proudly after they graduate.

  • Nuzhat Wahid

The William Smith Alumnae Association Award is presented to a William Smith senior or junior for outstanding leadership, dedication, and service to the College.

  • Camille McGriff


The Hai Timiai Distinguished Faculty Award is given to honor a member of the HWS Faculty whose work in creating inclusive and motivational spaces for learning is exceptional. Their passion for teaching and helping students to grow is infectious, and their care for and support of Hobart and William Smith students is unparalleled. This faculty member is deeply involved in local politics from the Geneva Women’s Assembly to the People’s Peaceful Protest and beyond. He is well-known for supporting students’ civic engagement, internship and post grad opportunities.

  • Professor Ricky Price

The Hai Timiai Staff Award is given to an exceptional staff member at the Colleges. This individual works extensively behind the scenes and leads the team for Campus Life. He has humbly dedicated extensive time to the care, safety and support of students across our campus and consistently goes beyond the call of duty. He has coordinated the HWS macro logistics during this past year of a national emergency with incredible attention to detail and care. We are so grateful for the lengths to which he goes to listen, learn from and support the entire HWS and Geneva community.

  • Robb Flowers

This year’s Hai Timiai Alumna Award goes to a member of our William Smith family who has worked tirelessly to not only better the Geneva community, but also fosters community between the Colleges and our alumni/ae association. This alumna is an inspiration to all, as she was the co-founder of the Afro Latino Alumni and Alumnae Association and was recently named as the Director of Alumni and Alumnae Relations here at the Colleges. We are so honored to give this year’s Hai Timiai Alumna Award to a member of the William Smith Class of 1995, and parent to current students in the Classes of 2021 & 2023.

  • Chevy Devaney

The Barbara Ether Memorial Award was established in memory of Barbara Helen Ether of the class of 1959. The award is given to a member of the junior class chosen by the senior honor society, Hai Timiai, in recognition of her contributions to the welfare of this College. The winner selects a book in her major field, and the book is placed in the library with the honoree’s name inscribed inside. Whether it is running into her in the library or passing her on our way to class, this William Smith woman brings such light to all of our days.

  • Nuzhat Wahid

Hai Timiai gives a Color Award to a member of each class year.

The Red Award is given to the William Smith student from the class of 2021 who embodies the qualities of RESPECT and PASSION. This individual is the epitome of an empath. She shows not only respect but outward kindness to everyone she interacts with and always has a huge smile on her face. The passion she has for her goals in every aspect of her life is admirable and the encouragement she gives her peers in their work towards their own goals deserves more appreciation than it is probably given.

  • Carly Shiever

The Green Award is given to the William Smith student from the class of 2022 who embodies FIDELITY and FRIENDSHIP. Whether with the William Soccer team, in the classroom, or just bumping into her at Saga, this recipient has never met a stranger and does her best to improve and contribute to every space of which she is a part.

  • Sarah Gray

The Blue Award is given to the William Smith student from the class of 2023 who embodies qualities of FAITH and HOPE. This individual is someone whose positivity and optimism shines through and brightens every room she enters. Her aspirations showcase her ambition and conviction that serves as an inspiration to us all.

  • Fatou Diokhane

The Yellow Award is given to the William Smith student from the class of 2024 who embodies the qualities of LOYALTY and JOY. This year's recipient of the Yellow Award is someone who has already made an incredible impact on their peers as a first year, and constantly inspires passion, creativity and hard work. This student is the most deserving recipient as she has been dedicated to fostering a robust community through campus involvement and her radiant personality.

  • July Winters

The Hai Timiai Charter Day Award recognizes a member of Hobart College who has enabled William Smith College to grow and thrive. This year’s recipient is dedicated, honest, fun, passionate, selfless and an ally to women. This person goes above and beyond to make sure women are always heard first in the room. He uplifts the women around him without hesitation and always lends a helping hand when he can.

  • Kevin Cervantes

Hai Timiai Members for 2021-2022:
Ashton Ariola
Allie Bonagura
Kate Crabtree
Gaby Martinez
Saima Mashori
Justine Pearson
Star Pena
Nuzhat Wahid

Given by the Druids, the Hobart Senior Honor Society

The Druid Society’s Seneca Award is given by the Hobart College Senior Honor Society to the William Smith sophomore student whose work over the past two years shows significant promise of continued practices exemplary of character, loyalty, and leadership which are the three cardinal values of the Druid Society.

  • Aicha Bah