4 April 2022 Fleishmann '22 Interns at Alum Founded Company

For Talia Fleishmann ’22, getting her foot in the door started with a shared appreciation for liberal arts values including critical thinking and the ability to communicate. 

Talia Fleischmann ’22 has landed a remote marketing internship with Jeff Hoffman, CRO, (previously Rapid Sales Revenue, LLC) a sales advisory firm founded by Jeff Hoffman ’87, who serves as the chief revenue officer.

As a marketing intern, Fleischmann works directly with Hoffman to develop and execute marketing strategies, drawing on her academic experience in writing and research.

When hiring for the role, Hoffman knew he wanted to work with a student from his alma mater. “I wanted to hire someone who I knew would be bright and capable at helping me do various and necessary tasks at an affordable cost. Plus, hiring someone from my alma mater seemed fitting to ensure a connection.” At HWS, Hoffman was an English major.

An Asian studies and education double major, Fleishmann says her interdisciplinary coursework has shaped her into a critical thinker, ready to problem solve in her career. “At a liberal arts college there is room to grow through gaining experience in different fields,” she says.

Fleischmann says one of the most pivotal courses she took at the Colleges was “actually unrelated” to her majors: a computer science course that she credits with helping her land previous internships. At Jeff Hoffman, CRO, Fleishmann has applied her skillset to increase the company’s web traffic.

As for her passion for marketing, Fleishmann says fundamentally she’s interested in helping companies grow by communicating their value in the marketplace. “There are so many creative ways to show what sets one small business apart from another,” she says.

Fleishmann and Hoffman share a passion for marketing. At HWS, Hoffman says his professors instilled the importance of communication.

“One English professor in particular really instilled this clarity into my brain and I carried it forward as I got into the work world: working for different companies all trying to achieve revenue results and in need of change, propelled my vision that I could codify revenue strategies to support multiple companies as a fractional chief revenue officer,” he says.

Fleishmann says a highlight of her internship has been, “learning more about what Jeff Hoffman does as a Chief Revenue Officer and how he collaborates with the marketing team. And I get to share and grow my own expertise in digital marketing strategies and platforms,” she says.

Fleischmann prepared for the application process by attending interview workshops at the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education, taught by Executive Director of Career Services Brandi Ferrara and Associate Director Chuck Maloy ’90.

“It was an overall rewarding experience working with Career Services,” Fleischmann says. “It is important to utilize the resources available to you. They can take you a long way in building your network and giving you a sense of your long-term career goals.”