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Oberdorfer ’74 Pens Children’s Book

Thomas L. Oberdorfer ’74 has released his first children’s book, OMG! The Big Bad Wolf Can’t Find the Three Pigs— a twist on the classic folk tale that follows the wolf as he searches for purpose in the absence of the animals that usually drive his story.


“If you have an identity and you’re stuck and you can’t move forward, how do you get unstuck?” says Oberdorfer, who was inspired by his 35 years as a child and family therapist, and his interest in political and satirical cartoons. “Adults have situations in life where something is not fair and they get stuck. And this book identifies that frustration and questions the utility of that. If you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same results.”

Oberdorfer began working on the story four years ago, later deciding to adapt the work to make it friendly to young readers.

“While this book appears to be a children’s book, the dilemma it poses is true for everyone throughout their lives,” Oberdorfer says. “I hope that it will challenge readers: whether they are a child, parent or grandparent, to reflect on how this story applies to their lives.”

OMG! The Big Bad Wolf Can’t Find the Three Pigs, a self-published work, is available on Oberdorfer’s website.

Oberdorfer is a child and family therapist in private practice in Falls Church, Va. A history major while a student at the Colleges, he was a member of the lacrosse and tennis teams, a resident adviser and a member of the Hobart student court. He holds a master’s in social work from Catholic University.