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Old Friends, New Horizons

Life after graduation can be full of change, but for Lindsay Brandt ’17 and Lauren Stevenson ’17, some things will stay the same, even with a move to Washington, D.C. to pursue new opportunities later this year.

The two friends first met as teammates on the Heron’s field hockey team. In June, they will embark on their post-graduate lives as roommates in the nation’s capital. Brandt, a psychology major and law and society minor, was recently accepted to George Washington University’s graduate program in forensic psychology. Stevenson, a media and society major and English minor, will join the consulting firm CEB Global’s office in D.C.

Their different academic interests and backgrounds is part of why they get along so well and what “propels us to motivate each other,” says Stevenson. “Our career paths say a lot about our personalities. But what makes us such good friends is our values, morals and sights of success.”

“I love learning about media, marketing, and advertising through her and seeing how passionate she is about the field itself,” says Brandt of Stevenson. “I think one of the reasons that we’re best friends is because we like to learn from each other and support each other’s successes.”

At CEB, an international best practice insights and technology company, Stevenson will work with the firm’s accounts to help grow their business. Thanks to the academic rigor and breadth of her course of study, Stevenson says that when applying to CEB she had the confidence that she could translate the lessons she learned in class to client solutions the corporate environment.

Brandt, whose coursework at GWU will span criminal behavior and psychology, says that the HW Psychology Department “has prepared me for graduate school, and the faculty have been great. I am currently conducting an independent research project with (Instructor of Psychology) Jack Peltz, which alone has refined my research and statistical analysis skills, which will be useful in the future. I think that taking a few of his classes and learning more about personality psychology have reinforced the idea of furthering my education in this field.”

This spring, for a presentation based on her independent research project, Brandt earned an award from the New York State Psychological Association, which includes a cash prize and an opportunity to present her research at the organization’s annual convention in June.

As Brandt and Stevenson prepare for new experiences, Stevenson says “it’s comforting knowing that my best friend will be chasing her dreams in the same city where I’ll be chasing mine.”