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Spring 2021 Opening

Attending and Leaves of Absence

Attending in Spring 2021

Is there any possibility that students will not be returning for the spring semester?

The Colleges have every intention of opening for the spring semester and believe that our success during the fall 2020 semester bodes well for our ability to do so. There is a remote chance that the State may impose new restrictions that prohibit us from doing so. Should that happen, we will let students, families, faculty and staff know as soon as possible

If professors are given the choice to teach in person or remotely and a student’s classes are all online, can the student live at home with room and board fees waived?

Yes, although students should understand that when a FDA-approved vaccine is available and widely administered to the campus community, the Colleges will resume in-person instruction. At that point and barring any extraordinary circumstances, students should be ready to engage in courses in person and on campus.

If a student takes a semester off, do they forfeit their scholarships, need or merit-based?

No, so long as they make the Colleges aware and take a leave of absence. Instructions can be found in the Handbook of Community Standards.

What percentage of students do you expect to return to campus for the spring 2021 semester?

About 92% of all students were on campus for the fall semester and, with strong indicators that a vaccine will be available soon, we expect that all students will return this spring and be in residence.

What happens if a student becomes ill with COVID-19 and cannot complete coursework? Will there be extensions or tuition refunds offered?

Depending on the timing of the illness, yes. We will work with students to try to ensure they complete their coursework if this happens after the normal refund deadline has passed.

If a student returns to campus and decides once there that they would like to return home, could they do so? What about the opposite situation?

Yes, students can change their mind in both directions and we will work to accommodate their change of preference to the extent possible regarding how it may affect their coursework.

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