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Spring 2021 Opening

Dining Services

How will students access food?

Until a FDA-approved vaccine is available and distributed on campus, food services at HWS will remain largely the same as in the fall semester with all dining locations modified to allow for social distancing and with diagrams and markings to show proper flow and spacing. Once a vaccine has been widely distributed, food services will return to a more traditional set-up like we had pre-pandemic.

Other than Saga, will there be other food distribution centers on campus?

There will be various satellite locations strategically placed around campus to allow “Grab and Go” options for meal swipes. These locations will offer a Saga cycle menu, meaning that the menu from Saga will largely be available in these other locations as well.

What is happening with the Cellar Pub?

For now, it will serve as a satellite location for Grab & Go options based on the Saga cycle menu. The Cellar Pub will accept meal swipes.

Will Au Bon Pain remain open?

Au Bon Pain will be a pre-order (online via an app) location where you order and pay ahead of time, and pick up when ready. Unfortunately, space constraints and traffic patterns will not allow Au Bon Pain to operate as usual and accommodate proper social distancing.

Can you explain Grab-and-Go options? What kind of food will be offered? Will there be hot meals?

Grab and Go options in the satellite locations will be a combination of hot items and cold items. The menu selections will be based on the Saga menu cycle. Grab and Go in the Café and Au Bon Pain will be based on the items you would normally find in both locations and including both hot and cold items.

Because the Saga dining hall will have limited capacity due to social distancing, will there be expanded hours or a ticketing system, or will it be first come-first served?

Yes, Saga Dining will have expanded hours to help accommodate the reduced capacity due to social distancing requirements. Seating will be on a first come-first served basis with monitoring to make sure that the stated seating capacity is not exceeded. We will continue to evaluate options and solutions and will work with students to make sure everyone has adequate access to food.

Are students required to wear masks in the Saga dining hall?

As in restaurants, while you are walking around and not seated, you will be required to wear a mask while in Saga.

How will seating in Saga work?

Capacity in Saga will be reduced to around 300 seats. Excess chairs and furniture have been removed and polycarbonate dividers are in place to allow additional seating where social distancing is not possible. Seating will be available on a first come-first served basis and we will monitor the number of students in Saga at any time so we know if we can allow more students in or if we need to wait.

Will the food offerings change in Saga as a result of the pandemic? Will Saga continue to accommodate dietary restrictions?

In order to accommodate as many seats as possible, My Kitchen and Sakura will not be available. We will offer items in Pizza, Daily Dish, Grill, Basil and the Deli as well as a selection of salads and side items daily. We will still accommodate dietary restrictions and will make arrangements with those who have needs to ensure we have selections for them.

Can students waive the meal plan in the spring?

No, all students are required to have a meal plan.

Students living off campus are usually required to have a meal plan. Will that change for this semester?

No, all students are required to have a meal plan.

If you are living in Odells, can you opt out of the meal plan?

No, all students are required to have a meal plan.

Can you describe the cleaning and safety procedures used by the dining hall staff?

All dining staff are outfitted with proper PPE (gloves, masks and other devices as needed per position) to ensure their safety as well as the safety of guests. All tables, chairs and polycarbonate dividers are cleaned and disinfected between uses. We have eliminated as many high-touch point items as possible through service style changes. Those high-tough points that remain are cleaned and disinfected on a regular interval by staff. We have also increased the number of staff members dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting.

If a student chooses to remain at home, will their room and board (meaning food plan) be credited to their account?

Any students opting to participate in all of their classes while living at home will have their room and board credited back to their account.

Can you switch from a Seneca meal plan to the Geneva meal plan?

First year students are required to have the Finger Lakes meal plan. Other students are permitted to change their meal plan at any point during the first 10 days of the semester.

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