Fall 2020 Opening

Fall 2020 Calendar

What is the academic calendar for the Fall 2020 semester?

We have made changes to the overall academic schedule for the fall so as to reduce travel of students to and from campus yet reflecting as closely as possible the original schedule. Most notable about this plan is the absence of a scheduled fall break, allowing for continuous instruction from Monday, August 24 through Tuesday, November 24. The remaining three days of instruction required for the semester will either be completed in person at some other point earlier during the semester at the mutual convenience of the faculty and students (for example on a weekend or evening) or remotely after Thanksgiving. Students may remain on campus through Thanksgiving and until the end of finals so long as they notify the Office of Campus Life.

FALL 2020 Academic Calendar

August 20
New student orientation begins

August 24
First day of classes

August 28
Last day to drop/add courses

Oct. 26-30
Spring Semester ’21 Advising Week

November 2-13
Spring Semester ’21 Registration

November 24
Last day of in-person classes on campus

November 25-29
Thanksgiving holiday

November 30-December 2
Remote instruction online (W/Th/F class schedule)

December 3-6
Reading days

December 7-11
Final examinations online

Would it be possible for a student to remain on campus for the entire academic year including through winter break?

Yes, including through Thanksgiving break. Students who need to stay on campus over winter break can do so. Arrangements should be made by calling the Office of Campus Life at (315) 781-3900 or by emailing Fall2020@hws.edu.

Is it correct that students cannot return to campus after the Thanksgiving break if they leave?

Generally, yes. Requests to return to campus must be made to the Office of Campus Life at (315) 781-3900 or Fall2020@hws.edu. Students traveling within the one-hour radius to be with their immediate family will generally be allowed to return.

Was there consideration given to ending the semester including exams and final projects before students leave campus for Thanksgiving? Taking exams remotely can be detrimental to students for whom internet access is not available at home or is not constant.  Reading week is often a crucial time for a student to attend office hours/visit teaching fellows. This is difficult to do remotely.

  • We did consider a number of different options for the fall schedule but landed on the schedule we will employ because it most closely mimics the traditional fall semester while limiting the movement of students into and out of Geneva, thus thwarting the spread of the pandemic.
  • Students have the option of remaining on campus through Thanksgiving and until the end of finals so long as they notify the the Office of Campus Life at (315) 781-3900 or Fall2020@hws.edu.
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