Spring 2021 Opening

Geneva and Community Engagement

What types of conversations are the Colleges having with the leadership of the Geneva community and/or citizens of Geneva about the Colleges’ plans?

Since April 2020, members of senior staff have been meeting regularly with a team of people from Geneva and the surrounding area including the City Manager, Town Manager, the Ontario County Public Health Director, Finger Lakes Health’s Chief Medical Officer and others. These conversations have driven the Colleges’ policies and actions on everything from health and safety issues to our opening plans. Those conversations will continue throughout the spring semester to ensure the safety and health of everyone at the Colleges and in the Geneva community.

Can students move around the region and if so, what geographic area is acceptable?

Yes, students can move around Geneva and the surrounding region within roughly an hour’s radius. By keeping our community relatively contained, we hope to thwart the spread of the pandemic.

Can a student leave campus during the spring semester for a family function?

That depends largely on the location and nature of the family function. Students should contact the Office of Campus Life for details and consultation at (315) 781-3900.

Has Geneva or the surrounding area had many cases of COVID-19?

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