Fall 2020 Opening

Quarantine and Isolation

What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?

A quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who may have been exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. Isolation separates people who are sick and contagious from people who are not sick.

Can students quarantine in their residence halls? If so, do they have to stay in their room the entire time? Who will deliver meals and other essentials to them?

Students can go outside for a limited period for purposes of fresh air and movement, but must avoid going near other persons during that time, maintain strict social distancing, and wear a mask whenever outside or in contact with other people. Meals will be delivered to their residence halls.

Where are the isolation facilities located?

We will use both on- and off-campus isolation facilities depending on the level of need, for example in a dedicated building on campus or a local hotel.

If a student has to go into isolation, how will the Colleges care for them?

The Colleges have developed plans with Ontario County Public Health Department and Finger Lakes Health for isolation of students testing positive for COVID-19 (both students living on and off campus in Geneva), including multiple daily symptom and well-being checks, delivery of meals and supplies, laundry pickup and delivery, and notification of family and/or emergency contacts.

How many students can our on-campus quarantine spaces hold? It seems the plan is to house students in double rooms during quarantines. Doesn’t this plan put students at greater risk for exposure (say, if one student wasn’t actually exposed but their quarantine partner was)? This would seem to put the institution at risk for liability, since this does not meet the recommended standard for quarantine (which is: a private bedroom and bathroom) will students be quarantined on campus?

It depends on the particular housing situation. In most cases, students will quarantine in their rooms but in some cases, we may remove students to a different facility for quarantine.

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