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Ott ’17 Steers Product to Market at Unilever

Two years ago, while studying abroad in Denmark, Emily Ott ’17 was taking a sustainable development course and encountered a case study detailing Unilever’s goal of improving the health of its consumers and diminishing its environmental footprint.

“I have admired the company since then and only dreamed of working for them,” she says.

Today, she is on the company’s front lines as a customer service analyst in the supply chain department. With a focus on Unilever’s relationship with Walmart, Ott is coordinating “with the various teams in the go-to-market end of the supply chain, such as sales, transportation, logistics, and planning” as she ensures the company’s brands, such as Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Axe and Hellmann’s, make it to their destinations “on time and in full.”

Ott, who graduated cum laude with a degree in environmental studies, says her time at HWS gave her the connections and skills to meet these challenges successfully. Based in Unilever’s Shelton, Conn. office, Ott’s job search was aided by the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education and the HWS Career Network.

In addition to learning about the company in class, Ott says her geoscience and environmental studies background is a critical edge with the analytical demands of her position, while the liberal arts curriculum gave her a strong foundation in “critical thinking and problem solving skills, all of which are very important in this job.”

As a student, Ott served as president of Rotaract Club and a CCESL Civic Leader. She was also a member of the Geoscience Club.