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Paulson-McEwen ’04 Publishes Poetry

In a debut described as “bewitching” and “visceral” by critics, Dina Paulson-McEwen ’04 explores the complexities of loving in her upcoming collection Parts of love.

“It is impossible to read her work and not be moved,” says ​Abbie Copeland, ​founder and editor of Dying Dahlia Review. “Dina Paulson-McEwen’s ​Parts of love ​dives deep into the messy, the sensual and the beautiful. She has found a way to make real love even more real, presenting us with both small and profound moments that clearly express that ache within all of us, or in her words, ‘the biggest windstorm you have felt inside.’”

Parts of love, which Paulson-McEwen began writing in 2015, was a 2017 finalist in the New Women’s Voices Chapbook Competition hosted by Finishing Line Press. Among her literary inspirations, she names Gertrude Stein, Nikki Giovanni, and Richard Siken.

With a passion of writing since she was a child, Paulson-McEwen worked closely with Professor of Writing & Rhetoric Cheryl Forbes on the book. Professor Forbes reads and reviews “everything” Paulson-McEwen writes.

“My writing has really developed in a focused way since working with Cheryl. It’s like earning a one-on-one MFA [Professor Forbes taught Dina at the Colleges, and they began an official mentorship in 2016].” Paulson-McEwen continues, “Having consistent and positive reflection from teachers over the course of my undergraduate through graduate study has been invaluable.”

Her work has appeared in ​publications including Flash Fiction Magazine, FlashFloodMinola ReviewThe Ham Free Press and elsewhere, and in exhibits at Hudson Guild Gallery and San Juan Capistrano Library. ​She is the assistant managing editor at ​Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing, an editor at ​Flash Fiction Magazine, and editor extraordinaire at Uptown Stories in New York City. She collaborates with creative thinkers through her company, Aqua Editing. Prior to starting her company, she worked in communications with U.S. and overseas education organizations and taught English and Spanish literacy to youth and adult learners.

At HWS, Paulson-McEwen majored in Writing & Rhetoric, studied abroad in Spain, wrote for The Herald and was a bilingual English/Spanish Writing Colleague. She earned a master’s in international educational development from Columbia University and completed the Summer Writing Program at the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics.

Parts of love is available for pre-order from Finishing Line Press.