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Peace Corps in Namibia for Booth ’18

Joining the Peace Corps in Namibia this fall, Natalie Booth ’18 will teach high school science and support local efforts to strengthen educational opportunities during her two-years of service throughout the nation.

“My service will be a two-way street; I am excited to teach science and share my culture, but I am even more excited to learn about Namibia from my host family, students, colleagues and friends,” says Booth, who graduated cum laude in biology and anthropology. “I think the most valuable learning experiences happen when you’re outside of your comfort zone and I can’t wait to embrace them.”

Booth has been preparing for her tour for months— researching the country’s history and customs, diving into new languages and connecting with those who call Namibia home.

As a student, Booth served as an anthropology Teaching Fellow, conducted research in biology, worked as a lab assistant, studied abroad in Australia, advocated for sustainability as an Eco Rep, and played on club rugby and soccer teams. A member of the Laurel Society and the Wood Wind Ensemble, Booth also tutored students at Geneva High School and elementary students at the Boys and Girls Club, and volunteered with Geneva 2020 and Project Eye to Eye. In recognition of her service to the community, she received the President’s Civic Engagement Leadership Award this spring.

“I have always felt a pull toward community service. These opportunities have shown me I have a love for education in and outside of the classroom. I will now get to celebrate and share this love of education in the Peace Corps,” she says.

Following her Peace Corps service, Booth plans to pursue graduate school and continue a career in education.