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Political Internships in London and D.C.

After gaining an international perspective into the fast-paced world of politics through an internship with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the U.K.’s Labour Party, Sam Moise-Silverman ’18 was able to explore the political arena back “across the pond” in Washington, D.C., as a summer intern for his local Congressman, Eliot Engel (D-NY).

The political science major and public policy minor completed his internship with Corbyn while studying abroad on the Colleges’ London program last spring. “The Labour Party is the second largest party in the U.K., so our office was extremely active,” explains Moise-Silverman.

Assigned to Corbyn’s office in North London, the internship focused on issues such as government housing, immigration and anti-social behavior. His main responsibilities included responding to cases from the constituency.

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to help people who struggled on an everyday basis with basic things, such as a warm place to sleep, having full citizenship and access to healthcare,” says Moise-Silverman. “Having a first name relationship with the second most powerful member of Parliament was an unbelievable opportunity.”

After returning from London, Moise-Silverman expanded his resume working in Engel’s D.C. office. As an intern, his responsibilities included everything from giving tours of the Capitol to attending briefings for legislative aides. He says he gained insight into “the many career paths one can take with a political background.”

Through both experiences, Moise-Silverman says he walked away with common lessons.

“I learned how to work in a time sensitive, extremely high-pressure environment,” he says. “Further, both offices worked with a team mentality and it was clear that in order to do well, everyone had to work together and be on the same page.”

Political analysis was also a key component of both internships, which Moise-Silverman says the emphasis on writing at HWS helped him with “immensely.” He credits his courses with Professor of Public Policy Craig Rimmerman, Professor of Religious Studies Michael Dobkowski and Assistant Professors of Political Science Joseph Mink and Justin Rose as being especially influential to his success.

“In all of these classes we analyzed specific points and were forced to make in-depth arguments about them,” he explains. “If I did not have a strong background in critical reading and writing, I would have struggled in both placements.”

On campus, Moise-Silverman is the captain of the Hobart golf team and a volunteer for America Reads.