March 1, 2019

Dear Members of the Hobart and William Smith Community,

Recent national press regarding inappropriate images in the yearbooks of colleges and universities prompted us to take a closer look at nearly 200 years of the Echo and Pine. Like most printed materials, our yearbooks reflect the times at which they were published. Most of the images and events depicted remain joyfully recognizable to us, most notably the traditions of the Colleges and the strong connections that students developed with their peers, faculty and coaches. Regretfully and shamefully, we found a few images from decades past that are antithetical to our values of respect and inclusion. In some cases and by any measure, they are offensive.

These photographs absolutely do not reflect our values now or then. We are deeply sorry, and remain committed to creating a present and future where respect, inclusion and honor characterize everything that occurs on this campus and in our greater community.


Patrick A. McGuire L.H.D. ’12
Interim President