July 16, 2020

Dear Members of the Hobart and William Smith Community,

I write to draw your attention to remarks I made earlier this week on the Evan Dawson Show. I had been invited to join the program to discuss the ICE directive that has since been rescinded. I was also asked about my recent comments regarding systemic racism and the hospital during one of last week’s Zoom calls with parents and families. On the radio show, I said:

I want to acknowledge systemic racism exists as a whole, especially at HWS as a campus. When I spoke on a Zoom call with parents, I did not say that and I’m sorry. It may not have been my intention, but words have power beyond our intention. It took the collective effort of our campus community to draw my attention to this and looking ahead, I want to expand my work with our students and welcome feedback.

I stand behind that statement, look forward to the work ahead and thank you in advance for your partnership.


Joyce P. Jacobsen