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Punkfest Cornell Features Dunn

Punkfest Cornell, a week-long celebration of punk music and history in Ithaca, N.Y., will feature panel discussions and performances by four generations of punk luminaries, including Henry Rollins, Pussy Riot and HWS Professor of Political Science Kevin Dunn.

Dunn’s monograph, “Global Punk: Resistance and Rebellion in Everyday Life” (Bloomsbury Academic, May 2016), examines the global phenomenon of DIY (do-it-yourself) punk, arguing that it provides a powerful tool for political resistance and personal self-empowerment.

Punkfest Cornell events begin on Tuesday, Nov. 1 and continue through Saturday, Nov. 5, when Dunn will participate in a free public panel discussion on the global punk movement. He joins Paloma Duong, professor of global studies and languages at MIT; and Shane Greene, professor of anthropology at Indiana University. The panel, moderated by Jennifer Stoever, professor of English at SUNY Binghamton, begins at 3 p.m. in Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, G70 Klarman Hall.

The events are organized by the Cornell University Department of Music and the Department of Comparative Literature in the College of Arts and Sciences; Cornell University Library; and Dan Smalls Presents. Musical performances include John Doe and Japanese pop punk legends Shonen Knife. All Punkfest Cornell events are free and open to the public. See the schedule for full details.

Dunn, who has been involved in the DIY punk community since he was a teenager, says that “the DIY punk ethos distinguishes itself from commercial music, which is labeling and selling a sound or lifestyle rather than an ideology.”

In that spirit, his book “Global Punk” looks beyond music to explore DIY punk as a lived experience and the ways in which punk contributes to the process of dis-alienation and political engagement.

Dunn, who has taught at HWS since 2001, published two other books earlier this year, “Undertaking Discourse Analysis for Social Research” and “African Politics: Critical and Primary Sources.” His other books include “Imagining the Congo” (2003), “The Politics of Origin in Africa” (2013) and “Inside African Politics” (2013). His research focuses predominantly on the African Great Lakes Region (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Tanzania), and issues in that region concerning security, development, regionalization/globalization, and international relations.