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Ramsay ’25 Lands Internship with BCE Consulting

As a first-year, Annabel Ramsay ’25 is already seizing opportunities for experiential education.

Just weeks into the spring semester of her first-year, Annabel Ramsay ’25 has declared a major in Asian studies with a focus in Chinese and Mandarin, and landed a summer internship with BCE Consulting.

As she continues to explore the Colleges’ curriculum, she’s also considering a double major in economics.

“One of the pros of going to HWS is that there are so many opportunities to take advantage of on one campus,” she says.

Ramsay says she made it a point during her first semester to attend workshops offered by the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education in order to prepare for an internship.   

“I feel like I’ve been to every Career Services meeting they’ve ever done,” Ramsay laughs.

Ramsay credits workshops taught by Director Brandi Ferrara and Associate Director Shayne Feinberg P’17, P’20 with helping her strengthen her resume, prepare for interviews and meet HWS alums who are hiring interns.

By connecting with alums, like Peter Thibodeau ’20 who is an analyst at BCE Consulting, Ramsay says she learned about the many possible career paths offered through the management consulting firm that provides market research and analysis to clients in industry sectors such as aerospace, healthcare and technology. In addition, the insight helped her identify how to make the most out of her HWS experience.

This summer, Ramsay is eager to immerse herself in the world of consulting. She says BCE stood out to her specifically because of their hands-on and inclusive approach to problem-solving.

“I wanted an internship where I would be challenged and given real work to do, so I think that’s why BCE is a good match for me,” says Ramsay. “I have a lot of interest areas and the consulting field helps me bring those interests and my curiosity together.”