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Rosensweig ’83 Takes on Student Debt on GMA, Crackle

Daniel L. Rosensweig ’83, president and CEO of Chegg and former HWS Trustee, joined the hosts of Good Morning America as they recognized a young mom who is passionate about pursuing her education and caring for her four-year-old daughter. On the show’s “Make Your Monday” segment, Rosensweig announced that Chegg will not only provide all of Karen Escobar’s textbooks for her college career but will pay off her entire student loan.

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Escobar is a participant in Generation Hope, a nonprofit organization focused on the needs of teen parents and their children, connecting them with mentors, emotional support and financial resources to enable them to thrive, respectively, in college and kindergarten.

Rosensweig is also tackling the student debt crisis on a larger scale this fall in a new series from executive producer Ashton Kutcher.

“Going From Broke,” which will premiere exclusively on the free streaming service Crackle on Thursday, Oct. 17, “takes a hard look at the nation’s student-loan crisis — and gives millennials a chance to dig themselves out of massive debt,” as reports. Rosensweig will host the show and, alongside financial expert Danetha Doe, will work closely “with young people living in Los Angeles to help them change their habits, gain financial confidence and become CEO of their own lives.”

“The student debt crisis in America is devastating to young people and their families,” Rosensweig says. “We need real solutions, in real time, to end the vicious cycle of debt and get hardworking young people on the road to financial freedom. My hope is that the stories in this show shine a light on the crippling impact debt and financial instability has on our kids, our future workforce and our economy.”

Since he took the helm in 2010, Rosensweig has re-envisioned Chegg from a textbook rental service into a digital hub that offers college students everything from textbooks, homework help and an eTextbook reader to room décor at a discount. Under his leadership, Chegg’s acquisitions include Zinch, Cramster, Notehall, and Student of Fortune. Chegg enables students to share notes with classmates, download study guides from professors, and contribute to Q and A forums offering homework help.

Prior to joining Chegg, Rosensweig was president and chief executive officer of Activision Blizzard’s Guitar Hero franchise from 2007 to 2009. He joined Activision from Quadrangle Group, a media and communications private investment firm that has more than $6 billion under management.

A political science major while at Hobart, Rosensweig was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Little Theatre. He studied abroad in London. After graduating, he worked for Ziff-Davis, where he remained for 18 years in positions including president of Ziff-Davis Internet Publishing Group, vice president and publisher of PC Magazine from 1994 to 1996, and president and chief executive officer of ZDNET Inc., which he took public and merged with CNET in 2000.

In 2002, he was named Chief Operating Officer at Yahoo!, Inc. where his responsibilities included marketing, advertising, product development and heading international and North American operations. During his time at Yahoo!, use of their search engine more than doubled – from 200 million users to 500 globally; the workforce increased six fold – from 2,000 employees to 12,000; revenues increased from $700 million to more than $6 billion, and market cap increased five times, from $8 billion to $40 billion in five years.

Throughout his career, Rosensweig has created internship opportunities for HWS students to work directly with him and offered students job opportunities following graduation. In 2008, he dedicated the Rosensweig Learning Commons at HWS. Located on the first floor of the Warren Hunting Smith Library, the Rosensweig Learning Commons has revolutionized the ways in which students and faculty members interact with one another and with information.

Rosensweig was a speaker at the gala launch of Campaign for the Colleges and participated in the Professionals in Residence series. In the spring of 2011, he returned to campus as part of the President’s Forum Speaker series.

In addition to his significant career, Rosensweig participates on the Advisory Board of the non-profit and is former co-chair of the ONE Campaign to fight global AIDS and extreme poverty.