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Rosensweig ’83 on Success, Failure and Being Open to Opportunity

During his visit to campus this month, Daniel L. Rosensweig ’83, president and CEO of Chegg and former HWS Trustee, shared with the HWS community his philosophy of success, which hinges on passion, confidence and being able to recognize opportunity and willing to seize it.

Rosensweig Dan Talk 19-0092-00240During the “Ask Me Anything” forum in Bartlett Theatre, Rosensweig — who previously served as COO of Yahoo! and president and CEO of Activision Blizzard’s Guitar Hero franchise — emphasized that students can leave HWS and do anything. He pointed out that he and many of his classmates have taken different career paths than they anticipated they would as students and found success not in spite of those departures, but because of them. Letting go of the fear of failing or the fear of something new can reveal unimaginable opportunities, he explained.

It is his belief in what he is doing, Rosensweig said, that has driven him throughout his career — most recently his passion for helping students through Chegg, which he said has been the most rewarding work of his career.

Since he took the helm of Chegg in 2010, he has re-envisioned the company, transforming what was a textbook rental service into a digital hub that offers college students everything from textbooks, homework help, an eTextbook reader and room décor at a discount. Under his leadership, Chegg’s acquisitions include Zinch, Cramster, Notehall and Student of Fortune. Today, the company enables students to share notes with classmates, download study guides from professors, and contribute to Q and A forums offering homework help.

Rosensweig has also been tackling the student debt crisis, most recently with a 2019 TV series that “takes a hard look at the nation’s student-loan crisis — and gives millennials a chance to dig themselves out of massive debt,” as reports. In “Going From Broke,” from executive producer Ashton Kutcher and the free streaming service Crackle, Rosensweig and financial expert Danetha Doe work closely with young people in the Los Angeles area “to help them change their habits, gain financial confidence and become CEO of their own lives.”

During his conversation with the HWS community this month, he advised students to remember that networking is about building relationships and hoping for others’ success, rather than solely achieving some personal goal. If you care about their success, he said, they will care about yours.

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