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Samayoa ’19 Interns at FremantleMedia and Academy of Motion Picture Arts

William Samayoa ’19 has joined FremantleMedia in Burbank, Calif., as a communication intern this summer, developing insight into the public relations practices essential to working within the entertainment industry.

A global leader in entertainment, FremantleMedia creates and distributes programs like Project Runway, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, Family Feud and American Idol among many others. Samayoa, who is majoring in writing and rhetoric as well as media and society, is excited for the opportunity.

“I will get experience within my anticipated career while working with some of the best in the business,” says Samayoa. “Exploring the intersection between writing and media has been the highlight of my liberal arts education. I think that’s what helped me stand out.”

Samayoa, who recently attended the “Behind the Scenes NYC” career exploration program, says his coursework and extracurricular involvement have helped him become a writer and global thinker.

Along with FremantleMedia, Samayoa will spend time with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, Calif., participating in the Academy Gold Talent Development and Inclusion Program. The program provides networking receptions with Academy members and studio executives, screenwriting workshops, and invitations to Academy hosted screenings.

“With an aspiration to work in television production, both internships afford me the opportunity to witness how projects are executed from the initial ideas to eventually being publicized, distributed and aired,” says Samayoa. “I think this will fuel my creativity and passion for television and will make me a more versatile candidate for future opportunities.”

On campus, Samayoa is a part of the HWS Posse cohort and the Writing Colleagues Program, and works as a student technician for IT Services and a student writer for the Office of Communications. He will study abroad in Norwich, England in fall 2017.

“Thanks to courses like ‘The Video Essay’ and ‘Digital Rhetoric,’ I’ve really developed a skillset in storytelling across mediums. Being able to communicate across a plethora of media is a key skill I’ve developed at HWS that I plan to use and build on both this summer and abroad,” says Samayoa.