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Second Nature Internship

In November, Carly Simmons ’16 will begin an internship at Second Nature, assisting the Boston-based non-profit organization in its mission to promote sustainability through initiatives within higher education.

Simmons will draw on her design background as she joins the organization’s design and communications team, using graphic design, blogs, and social media platforms to shape Second Nature’s message of community-based sustainability.

“What excites me most is working with a team that is both passionate and committed to innovation on a global level while continuing to sharpen my design skill set,” says Simmons who graduated magna cum laude as an architectural studies major and a studio art minor. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to help communicate the organization’s integrity and purpose, both of which I find myself personally dedicated to.”

Second Nature furthers its environmental goals by catalyzing action within higher education institutions through programs like its Climate Leadership Commitments, which include a Carbon Commitment (focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions), a Resilience Commitment (focused on climate adaptation and building community capacity), and a Climate Commitment that integrates both. The network of affiliated institutions comprises more than 650 colleges and universities in every state.

Simmons cites her broad liberal arts education at HWS as well as her participation in the Rome study abroad program as factors in joining the organization.

“My interdisciplinary education showed me pursuing a passion that combined design and social justice was a realistic endeavor,” she says. “I credit HWS’ Department of Art and Architecture and its faculty members for nurturing my interests and teaching me that the field of design is a truly unique undertaking that does not come with an instruction manual. In addition to my studies in architecture, topics in gender studies and philosophy have helped me develop an understanding of difference and refine my moral intentions.”