Senior Symposium 2021 – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Senior Symposium 2021

At the 2021 Senior Symposium, more than eighty students and Masters of Teaching students shared their intellectual passions with the HWS community. 

The Senior Symposium is a celebration of seniors and Masters of Education students’ capstone academic experiences at the Colleges. On Friday, April 16, students presented their findings on topics from extremism and social media, to tourism and belonging, social unrest and the coronavirus pandemic. Students presented in thematic and interdisciplinary panels in the Warren Hunting Smith Library, the Melly Academic Center and virtually.

Coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning, this year marked the 12th annual Senior Symposium. The following gallery includes a selection of photographs of presenters, panel discussions and faculty moderators.

Each panel included students from different academic disciplines. The “Location, Location, Location,” panel included research in sociology, biology, dance and political science. Jonas Adams ’21 presented his research on tourism and community development in Geneva, N.Y; Colby Poerio ’21 presented his findings on habitat suitability for Salvlinus Fontinalis in New York State Parks; James Truley ’21 discussed the evolution of street dance; and Adam Tusin ’21 presented on Taiwan’s response to COVID-19. Following their presentations, students answered audience questions and considered the connections between their research and their peers.

Other panels included: Technology MATters in Education, Presentation and Perspective, System Critique, Coping during COVID-19, Avant-garde, The Future is Female, Representations, What’s the Agenda, Better Systems, Competitive Edges, Why?, Light and Dark, Access, In the Blood, The Present Moment, Truth and Powers, and Concerning Education.

Advised by Professor of Education Mary Kelly, Master’s students in the Colleges’ M.A.T. program presented their honors theses. As this year’s MAT students have navigated teaching and learning through the coronavirus pandemic, students have conducted novel research about integrating technology into their curriculums and classroom management. Gavin Flood ’20, MAT ’21 presented “Is Technology Helping? K-12 Student Perspectives on Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” a survey of student experiences with technology he has amassed from his student-teaching placement at Canandaigua Middle School. Brandi Taylor ’19, MAT ’21 discussed technology and equity, Sophie Kauffman ’20, MAT ’21 shared insights about technology education for families and Claire Abelson ’20, MAT ’21 and Sophie Ritter ’20, MAT ’21 presented on accessibility and inclusion to theatre productions.

In the photograph above, Amelia Smith ’21 presents “Investigating Lake Trout Diet in the Finger Lakes” in the Sanford Room.