Shivaike Shah presents “Uprooting Medea” – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Shivaike Shah presents “Uprooting Medea”

Hosted by the Classics Department, visiting artist from the Brown Arts Institute Shivaike Shah presented a talk on his upcoming film Medea.

Producer Shivaike Shah presented a talk to the HWS community as part of his countrywide “Uprooting Medea” tour on March 14. A visiting artist at Brown Arts Institute and the founder of Khameleon Productions, Shah is promoting the upcoming release of his film Medea, and engaging in critical dialogue about decolonizing Roman and Greek texts on college campuses.  

The event was sponsored by the Classics Department in conjunction with the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.

Shah, a graduate of Oxford University with a degree in English literature, has worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Netflix and Marvel. In 2018, as a student at Oxford, Shah produced an on campus production of Medea, the institution’s first entirely BIPOC production.

Medea was written in 431 BC by Greek playwright Euripides. When Medea’s husband Jason leaves her for a Greek princess, Medea’s position is threatened. In an act of vengeance, she murders Jason’s new wife and her own two sons, and escapes to Athens to start anew.

Shah believes the play is a powerful story about “questions of home, identity, belonging and broken promises.” After graduation, he began to develop a short, non-narrative film about the character of Medea.

During his talk, Shah reflected on how Khameleon Productions’ effort to make space for BIPOC individuals in theater is reflected in the theme of belonging within the story of Medea.

HWS community members also had the opportunity watch a scene from the film and exclusive footage, including behind the scenes material, and interviews with the choreographer and makeup artist.

Khameleon’s adaptation of Medea is currently being reviewed by multiple film festivals and will be released to the public when it is selected by one of the festivals.

Medea was co-written by Francesca Amewudah-Rivers.