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Social Media Fitness

While members of the HWS community maintain social distancing, students are staying connected, being active and promoting wellness by participating in social media challenges.

A dancer at the Colleges and past participant in the Koshare Dance Collective’s annual showcase, Hannah Bixby ’23 is challenging her friends to post photos and videos of their routines and poses. At home in Syracuse, N.Y., Bixby is both pre-recording and hosting live dance classes via Instagram. “Dancing is an important part of my everyday life. It not only gives me something to do, but it relieves the stress and tension that comes with difficult times such as these,” she says.

Bot Hobart and William Smith soccer teams and their alums have been challenging one another to juggling contests on Instagram, using everyday objects like toilet paper. The Hobart team is using the hashtag #stayathomechallenge on their videos. Participant Binjo Emmanuel ’20 says it has been a “fun way to stay .” The Herons are playing “Around the World,” where the juggler uses their right foot, right thigh, right shoulder and then left shoulder, left thigh and left foot to complete the challenge.

William Smith lacrosse player Katie Consoli ’20 and her housemate are bringing competition to their daily routines, and encouraging one another to stay active even as they stay home. The pair are competing to see who take the most steps in their day, and frequently send one another photos of their step counts on their watches.

HWS Recreation also upped the competition and launched a virtual trick shot competition. Students entered their submission into the basketball trick shot or miscellaneous trick shot categories. Miscellaneous entries included anything from indoor golf putting, soccer shots, ping-pong balls or socks in the laundry basket. Watch Thomas Perich’s ’23 submission above.

HWS Recreation has also updated its webpage to include a list of “Online Health & Fitness Resources.” The list includes free resources including apps, favorite social media fitness instructors, YouTube workouts and more. Links are also provided for yoga classes being held via Zoom by Geneva-based instructors, including Sean Roulan and Angie Urbano.