It’s Going to be Fun,
by the Way.

Imagine spending four years surrounded by Statesmen and Herons (that’s what we call ourselves here) — the fun, smart, inspiring people who will be your adoptive family and constant companions.

Lake Effects

Continue your voyage on the longest and the deepest of the Finger Lakes with stupidly beautiful views.

Flex your acting chops at the stunning Gearan Center for the Performing Arts. Join The Executives hip-hop dance team. Learn fly fishing. Because, why not? Step beyond your own experience through events at the IC (our beloved Center for Intercultural Affairs).

Where there’s more opportunity in any given day than you’d ever be able to grab, but where you also can’t go wrong.

The Colleges are a place where classmates have your back and cheer you on. Where competition is reserved for the court or playing field (or lake, if you are water-inclined). Where the teams are really good (have you heard of Ali Marpet?) and the fans are really loud (have you heard of earplugs?).

Where there’s more opportunity in any given day than you’d ever be able to grab, but where you also can’t go wrong. Because all of it is interesting. (And all of it is here for you.)

Whoever you are and whatever your path, you’re always in sight of our beautiful lake — the perfect complement to the excitement on the shore and a constant reminder of your inspiring horizons and endless potential.

HWS Offers

  • 90+ student-run clubs and organizations
  • On-campus centers for cultural support and exploration
  • 23 varsity teams with plans for 35 and dozens of intramural sports
  • A thriving, residential community where students live on campus all four years
  • A lakefront campus with stupidly beautiful views

Don’t be fooled by our bucolic setting. There’s never a dull moment at HWS.

  • events

    Thursday, Nov. 18, 4-5:30 p.m. Office Hours with the President

    Want to talk with the HWS President? President Joyce P. Jacobsen has regular office hours when students can stop by to chat.

  • Friday, Dec. 3, 7 p.m. Gaming Night

    Can you beat Gary’s high score? No. You Cannot.

    Game on!
  • Thursday, Nov. 18, 2:30 p.m. Explore the World

    Go abroad after graduation with the Peace Corps.

  • Saturday, Dec. 4, 4 p.m. It’s cooler at The Cooler

    William Smith Ice Hockey takes on Castleton University

    Get to the game
  • events

    Thursday, Dec. 2, 7-8:15 p.m. First-Year Seminar Symposium

    Learning made visible, creative, edible!

    Learn More
  • exhibit

    Friday, Oct. 15 – Wednesday, Dec. 1 Afrofutures: Before and Beyond

    Head over to Houghton House to experience an otherworldly exhibit.

One Campus
Many Paths

With Many Paths

We mean that figuratively, of course, and also very literally.

Here are just a few of the trails our students are blazing.

  • Club News GOTV Love

    Rock the Vote or Get Out the Vote Love, whatever you call it, join the national effort to increase voter registration and turnout on college campuses.

  • Service Front G-Town

    Students target environmental and food justice, mental health advocacy, and youth development and literacy initiatives on the streets of Geneva.

  • Research News Microclimates are Cool

    Nine cold fronts passed over the gorge at different times of day. Then what? Ask hydrometeorological research analyst Chad Hecht ’14 and his weather balloon.

Your Success is Our Priority

The faculty, administration and students of HWS take an all-hands-on-deck, community-based approach to advising, mentoring, tutoring, applauding and supporting each other. Because we’re at our best when all of us are thriving and everyone has a place to belong.

  • Campus housing

    Enjoy life in a warm and welcoming, busy and electric 100%-residential campus community.

  • Activities and Organizations

    Join or lead one (or more) of our 90+ student-run clubs and organizations—or start a new one.

  • Athletics

    Compete on one of our 23 NCAA teams (men’s lacrosse is Division I; the rest are Division III). Twelve more sports are being added over the next few years.

  • Intercultural Affairs

    Contribute to initiatives and dialogues that build belonging, celebrate diversity and expand social justice.

  • Recreation

    Stay fit and balanced by choosing among an array of activities, fitness classes, intramural sports and campus events. And go jump in the lake!

  • Dining

    Choose among a variety of healthy, delicious, on-campus dining options—including the Cellar Pub and Au Bon Pain.

  • Sustainability

    Drawing clean energy from 20 acres of solar panels, the Colleges are on track to meet a goal of carbon neutrality by 2025.

  • First Generation Initiative

    First in your family to attend college? You’ll have a network of mentors and resources to guide you (and your family) through every step of your HWS journey.

  • LGBTQ+ Resource Center

    Build community in an environment that values and affirms the identities of LGBTQIA+ students, faculty and staff while also creating opportunities for allyship.

  • Counseling Center

    Whether it’s a class to reduce anxiety or stress, or a one-on-one counseling session, a network of peers and professionals are ready to support your journey.

  • Spiritual Engagement

    Celebrate and learn more about your religion and the faith traditions of those around you.

  • Mindfulness

    Blend your coursework and co-curricular activities with your mindfulness practice.