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Tarduno ’13 Explores What It Means to Be Good Enough

As a women’s coach and certified trauma-informed yoga instructor, Mia Tarduno ’13 talks to a lot of women. When she began to notice similarities in their stories, she started collecting them — and now she’s turned them into a book of original poetry and art.

Good Enough: Poetry and Illustrations Inspired by the Vulnerable Truths of Women from Around the World combines Tarduno’s poems with watercolor and drawings, which she produced after collecting and ruminating on stories, experiences, images and landscapes from women of all ages, backgrounds and locations.

“In my conversations with women, it always filters down to a feeling of what we require of ourselves to feel good enough,” she says. “It’s the underlying issue so many of us are struggling with. How can we reach a state where we feel good enough?”

Sharing stories of vulnerability, body image, pleasure and resiliency help women to connect and heal. “When someone says, ‘I’ve experienced that as well,’ I just light up,” says Tarduno. “Change and healing come from being able to share experiences and relate to other women.”

At Hobart and William Smith, Tarduno majored in environmental studies, minored in dance and anthropology and was a Pitch participant. She was also a member of Hai Timiai, Sustainability Food Club, Campus Greens and the Figure Skating Club. As a traveler, yoga teacher and someone who studies women in their environments and landscapes, “It all connects. I couldn’t have a better combination,” she says. “I’m grateful that HWS allowed me to explore such a range of subjects.”

Tarduno is currently developing yoga and movement-based programs and gatherings that address issues such as body image and worthiness, anxiety, depression and menstrual cycle awareness. For more information about her programs and services, visit Move Create Radiate.

To purchase a copy of Good Enough, click here.