Vietor ’22 Secures Position at Wells Fargo – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Vietor ’22 Secures Position at Wells Fargo

Next summer, economics major and political science and biology minor Gretchen Vietor ’22 will join Wells Fargo as a corporate and investment banking analyst. Vietor recently completed the 2020 Wells Fargo Diversity Pathways Forum and was offered the opportunity after a competitive application process.

Vietor is looking forward to bringing a scientific approach to problem solving. “I’m ready to apply my biology minor to a career in finance. Right now, we’re seeing how reactive the stock market is – to any news about a vaccine, or businesses and colleges closing down or reopening. During the current public health crisis, I can look at what’s coming out of the media and understand and make sense of the underlying biology. Then I can determine what opportunities and challenges will impact businesses and the economy, ” Vietor says.

To prepare for opportunities in finance, Vietor worked with the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education and participated in the Pillars of Wall Street program. Taught by industry professionals, sessions covered investment banking and financial statement analysis, valuation fundamentals and forecasting.

Vietor also connected with HWS Chair of the Board of Trustees Craig Stine ’81, P’17, who is the Vice Chairman of the Global Financial Institutions Group Banking at Barclays and previously served as Executive Vice President of the Global Financial Institutions Group at Credit Suisse. Twice, Stine met with Vietor to share industry tips and to practice interview questions.

“Honestly, this is the reason I came to HWS,” Vietor says. “You have alums who are willing to help you out and who are willing to sit down and just talk to you. The fact that Craig Stine is as important, accomplished and busy as he is, and he was willing to do interview prep with me twice. That was awesome.”

The Diversity Pathways Forum was a two-day Zoom event. Vietor was one of 130 participants from top tier colleges and universities including Harvard, Cornell and the University of California Berkley. The event included a session with Training the Street, a leading corporate training company for Wall Street firms, in which students reviewed six interview questions for an entry-level analyst position.

To land the analyst position, Vietor completed two rounds of interviews with investment bankers and excelled in a group interview.

Vietor says that being one of the few liberal arts students in the room was a significant differentiator. After her Pillars of Wall Street training, she felt confidant stepping up and answering a question.

“I answered one of the questions in front of everyone because I figured, I need the practice. Let me put myself out there. And the interviewer said, ‘Hobart and William Smith, you’re the only one from that school right?’ It was a small moment, but it was a detail he was going to remember about me.”

As a member of the William Smith squash team, Vietor felt confident she nailed questions about team-building and relationships.

“In squash, you’re scored as a team. But when you’re on the court it’s you, there’s no teammate to hit a ball for you or to you. So the team dynamic is there, you win as a team and lose as a team. But there’s also that individuality. I think there are a lot of parallels to a work environment,” Vietor says.

In the coming months, Vietor will participate in several networking and information sessions with Wells Fargo to determine which department and location she will be placed.

Vietor grew up in Colorado and Texas. She now lives in Scituate, Mass.