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Welcoming the Classes of 2021

Orientation 2017 MatriculationA new chapter in the history of Hobart and William Smith begins this week with the arrival of the Classes of 2021, one of the most diverse and promising groups of first-year students to join the community. To follow the weekend’s events, visit the Orientation 2017 news page.

Class presidents, dedicated volunteers, excelling scholars and artists, team captains and activists will shake hands with President Gregory J. Vincent ’83 and Kim Wilson Vincent on Friday, Aug. 25 on the steps of Coxe Hall, a tradition they will repeat at graduation.

“Kim and I are thrilled to participate in one of the great Hobart and William Smith traditions by personally welcoming each new student into our community,” says Vincent. “This is an exceptional group of bright, engaged and diverse students who will bring experiences and perspectives that will enrich the Hobart and William Smith and Geneva communities. We are thrilled to see the energy, insight and creativity they bring to campus.”

The 640 members of the Classes of 2021 and 20 transfer students will matriculate with 45% of the students accepted to the Colleges early decision and 20% identifying as multicultural, both increases from previous years. The incoming Classes also include 44 additional academic scholars.

President Gregory J. Vincent '83 greets X“I am looking forward to the opportunities that small classrooms allow. I can’t wait to meet professors who care about my academic and personal success,” says Kevin Cervantes ’21, a Posse scholar and graduate of Libra Academy at Linda Marquez High School in Los Angeles. “I am also excited to be with students who have a genuine passion for helping the community and to travel abroad.”

An advocate for the LGBT community, Cervantes wrote for The Los Angeles Times’ “High School Insider” and chaired his hometown’s Youth Commission.

The Colleges’ newest students hold an average SAT score of 1318, with 61% having graduated from public schools and 39% arriving from private or parochial schools.

“I’m most looking forward to being able to step outside my comfort zone and try new things at HWS,” says Hannah Sailer ’21, of Hockessin, Del. “I chose HWS because it had a very friendly atmosphere when I came to visit, and everyone who knew about HWS spoke fondly of it and the people there.”

Sailer, a graduate of St. Andrew’s School, was captain of the lacrosse and field hockey teams and a residence assistant. She also volunteered at the school’s chapel and a nearby elementary school.

Move In 6The Colleges will also welcome a number of legacy students, those who are children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins or siblings of alumni, alumnae and current students.

Dan Masino ’21, who will play on the Hobart basketball team, takes pride in following the footsteps of his father Mike Masino ’88, P’21. “When I first stepped on campus, I just fell in love with it. I loved the small campus, which is so beautiful, and the strong sense of community,” says the point guard from Fairport, N.Y. “I’m interested in branching out and exploring every avenue.”

A graduate of Fairport High School, Masino was a member of the math team, a community volunteer and local leadership programming.

The Classes of 2021 also include a number of talented Arts Scholars, including Lucy Denton ’21, a ballet dancer for 14 years from Portland, Maine. “I am looking forward to moving in, getting settled and meeting all of the wonderful students and faculty at HWS. When I took a tour of the school everyone I met was so nice and excited about their classes and experiences, and it was that sense of community that helped me choose HWS.”

Orientation Weekend activities will culminate at 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 28 with Convocation 2017 featuring a keynote address  and  welcome from Laura Sydell ’83, digital culture correspondent for National Public Radio.