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“When did you feel like a local?”

Student Writer in the Office of Communications Tolulope “Lulu” Arasanyin ’21 posed this question – When did you feel like a local? – to students who studied abroad in spring 2020. Students shared memories of homemade dinners with their host families, classes taken in the same city that inspired Cezanne’s masterpieces, and learning how to navigate foreign transportation systems.

Arasanyin says that from students’ answers, she began to see a pattern of growth and humility. “Students responded with a variety of answers, but one common trend was it took an enormous amount of growth. When students put themselves out there and meshed cultures, that’s when they began to feel comfortable. Studying abroad with HWS enables students to grow outside their comfort zone and be more than they ever imagined,” Arasanyin says.

In the gallery below, students share their answers and photographs from their travels. 

A political science major at the Colleges, Arasanyin studied abroad in Vietnam in 2019. Through a SIIF grant, she interviewed people who had experienced the country’s shift from colonialism to communism. Arasanyin has also worked as a Global Ambassador for the Center for Global Education.