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year of water

Featured Faculty

Matthew Crow

Dr. Matthew Crow
Associate Professor of History

BA UC San Diego
At HWS since 2012

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Dr. Lisa Yoshikawa

Dr. Lisa Yoshikawa
Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies

BA Wellesley Colllege
MA Yale University
MPhil Yale University
PhD from Yale University
At HWS since 2006

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Dr. John Halfman

Dr. John Halfman
Professor of Environmental Studies and Geoscience

BS University of Miami
MS University of Minnesota
PhD Duke University
At HWS since 1994

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Dr. Susan Cushman

Dr. Susan Cushman
Research Scientist,
Director of Introductory Biology Laboratories

BS William Smith College
MS Johns Hopkins University
PhD University of Maryland
At HWS Since 2007

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Sampling of courses linked to Year of Water

  • ARCH 202, FA 2010, Sp 2020. (Kirin Makker) Watercolor sketching with a unit focusing on water
  • ARCH 304 – Digital Studio (Prof. Gabriella D’Angelo)
  • BIDS 3XX Creative Placemaking: Community Development, Civic Life, and Public Art, Prof. Kirin Makker and Beth Belanger.
  • ENV 110 – Biodiversity – focus on aquatic species in biodiversity (Prof. Robin Lewis)
  • ENV 110 – Climate Change (Professor Whitney Mauer)
  • ENV 400 – capstone spring 2020, collaboration with FLI (Prof. Darrin Magee)
  • ENV 401 – Individual Capstone: Land use strategies by wineries to reduce negative impacts on water quality
  • Internship– Developing watershed literacy curriculum activities for implementation in public schools and libraries around the watershed (Beth Kinne and Nadia Harvieux)
  • FSEM 078 – Sustainable Living and Learning Community (Profs. Tom Drennen, Beth Kinne)
  • GEO 186 – Introduction to Hydrogeology (Prof. Dave Finkelstein)
  • GEO 210 – Environmental Hydrology (Prof. John Halfman)
  • GEO 330 – Limnology (Prof. Dave Finkelstein)
  • HIST 111 – Tides of History (Prof. Matthew Crow)
  • MDSC 206– Script to Screen Sp 2019 – created logos for Year of Water (Prof. Marylin Jimenez)
  • MDSC 308 – Cinematic Effects – short animated films about water issues (Prof. Marylin Jimenez)
  • MDSC 310 – Black Film –will focus on films around the African water-goddess, Mami-Wata, in Africa and the Diaspora (Prof. Marylin Jimenez)
  • MUS 930 – Chorale – commissioned piece on Flint Water crisis, to be performed spring semester (Prof. Robert Cowles)