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Anthropology and Sociology

Anthropology and Sociology

Anthropology and Sociology are closely related social science disciplines that study the ways in which people live and interact together under various social and cultural conditions. By understanding the multifaceted dimensions of human societies, the disciplines seek to understand human behavior, social interactions and institutional structures in all their diversity.

Students may choose to major in Anthropology, Sociology, or the combination of both (Anthropology/Sociology).


Student Profile: Allison Jordan '21

Allison Jordan '21

Major: Anthropology and Sociology
Minor: Law and Society

"I have always had an interest in learning about different cultures and about how society affects the way people live their lives. After taking the introductory courses for anthropology and sociology, I knew it was the major that best fit my interests, both in and out of the classroom. I have met many wonderful professors who have pushed me outside of my comfort zone while also expanding my worldview. It has allowed me to see and understand the world from other perspectives aside from my own."

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The departments of Anthropology and Sociology work together to provide an interdisciplinary experience to majors in the program. Scroll below to meet our team of innovators, scholars and above all, dedicated teachers.

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Spotlight: Recent Grad

Recent Grad

Hannah Brooks '17

Current Position: Associate Consultant, Forrester Research

Current Location: Boston, Mass.

Major: Anthropology and Sociology

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Course Requirements

11 courses

ANTH 110; SOC 100; any four of the five courses from department core offerings (ANTH 273, ANTH 306, SOC 211, SOC 212, SOC 300); a 400-level seminar in either anthropology or sociology; two electives in anthropology and two electives in sociology that together form a cluster, to be chosen in consultation with the adviser. All courses must be passed with a grade of C- or higher. No more than one course with a CR grade may be counted towards the major.

Anthropology courses Sociology courses


For more information, contact Brenda Maiale, chair of anthropology, or James Sutton, chair of sociology.