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Classical Studies explores all aspects of the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, the context of their interaction with the rest of the Mediterranean world, and their subsequent influence on our own day.


Student Profile: Taylor Shea '23

Taylor Shea

Majors: Religious Studies and Classics

“The Classics program at HWS is wonderful! There is a lot of flexibility in the program so students are able to focus on their interests in Latin, Greek and/or Classical Studies more specifically. For me, Classics (and especially Latin) complements my Religious Studies major really well. Plus, translating ancient languages is super cool!”

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Classical Myths
In this course, students study ancient creation myths, the mythology of the Olympian gods, and Greek heroic and epic saga. Particular attention is paid to ancient author’s exploration of universal human themes and conflicts, mythology as an embodiment and criticism of ancient religious beliefs and practices, and the treatment of mythological themes in the ancient and modern visual arts.