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Computer Science

Computer Science

Beneath the technical knowledge necessary for working with computers, computer science is, at its core, very much the study of how to solve problems. At HWS, students enrolled in computer science courses learn critical problem-solving skills.


Student Profile: Jack Peng '22

Jack Peng '22

Major: Computer Science

The Computer Science classes at HWS provide me with an opportunity to step deeper into understanding how computers work. Being a junior majoring in Computer Science, I have gained more understanding on Java, C and assembly programming as well as algorithm and software. As I develop a deeper understanding, I increasingly believe in the benefits that computer science may bring to our society and life.

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Spotlight: Recent Grad

Recent Grad

Billy Bird '17

Current Position: DevOps Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton

Current Location: Washington, D.C.

Major: Computer Science

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Introduction to Programming
An introduction to the theory and practice of computer programming, the emphasis of this course is on techniques of program development within the object-oriented paradigm. Topics include control structures, objects, classes, inheritance, simple data structures, and basic concepts of software development. Currently, Java is the programming language used in the course. This course has a required lab component, and is required for the major and minor in computer science.