Campus publications

Seneca Review

Seneca Review, founded in 1970 by James Crenner and Ira Sadoff, is published twice yearly, spring and fall, by Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press. Distributed internationally, the magazine's emphasis is poetry, and the editors have a special interest in translations of contemporary poetry from around the world. Publisher of numerous laureates and award-winning poets, Seneca Review also consistently publishes emerging writers and is always open to new, innovative work.

Student publications

Although not sponsored by the English and Creative Writing department, many student writers choose to contribute to these publications:

The Aleph
The Aleph is produced by the Center for Global Education for students who have returned from studying abroad. All too often, students lack opportunities to build upon and to continue to process their international experiences once they return home. To this end, the journal provides a space for reflection, analysis, and dialogue that benefits contributors and readers alike. The pieces, both written and visual, offer insight into what captivates, challenges, and inspires our students—and through these words and images we learn about the people and places they encounter, we see how they change along the way, and we are exposed to “all the places of the world, seen from every angle.”

The Herald
The Herald is the Colleges' student-run newspaper, which provides the HWS campus with a weekly students'-eye-view on national politics, campus organizations, arts and entertainment, HWS athletics and much more.

Thel Literary and Art Magazine
Thel Literary and Art Magazine provides an outlet for HWS student artists and writers. The bi-annual, student-run publication features some of the finest poetry, photography, visual art and short stories being created by HWS students. For more information, contact Kathryn Cowles, faculty adviser and associate professor of English and Creative Writing, at

The Martini
The Martini is the HWS alternative newspaper, featuring a witty and critical look at music, politics and social issues on both the Colleges' campus and on the national level. For more information, contact Anna Creadick, faculty adviser and professor of English and Creative Writing, at

Echo & Pine
Echo & Pine is the Colleges' yearbook, which features the graduating classes, campus organizations, athletic teams and faculty.