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Mathematics has always been one of the core subjects of a liberal arts education because it promotes rigorous thinking and problem-solving ability. Many students who major in mathematics go on to graduate school or to work in related professions. For other students, mathematics is popular as a second major or as a minor in combination with another major from any of the Colleges’ academic divisions.

To meet the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities encountered after graduation, mathematics majors are encouraged to obtain a broad but firm foundation in the discipline. Majors acquire skill in the use of mathematical methods for dealing with problems from a variety of disciplines and complement these tools with some training in computer science.

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Student Profile: Hadley DeBrine '20

Hadley DeBrine '20

Major: Math
Minor: Studio Art

“The skills I learn in math help me create the art I want to make. Sometimes creating a painting can be overwhelming because of the endless possibilities, but using a similar thought process as I would in a math class, I can break down the process of painting into something tangible. From the other side, the ability to look at things in different ways that I’ve developed from my art classes allows me to work through writing mathematical proofs I may otherwise be stuck on.”

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Spotlight: Recent Grad

Recent Grad

Christopher Holoman ’16

Current Position: Commercial Renewal Underwriter, Chubb Westchester

Current Location: Conshohocken, Pa.

Major: Mathematics

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Sample Courses

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Number Theory
This course couples reason and imagination to consider a number of theoretical problems, some solved and some unsolved. Topics include divisibility, primes, congruences, number theoretic functions, primitive roots, quadratic residues, and quadratic reciprocity, with additional topics selected from perfect numbers, Fermat's Theorem, sums of squares, and Fibonacci numbers.