Psychological Science

Psychological Science provides students with a broad introduction to the study of behavior and its underlying processes with an emphasis on psychology as an experimental science.

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Intro to Child Psychology
This course provides an overview of the major theories that guide the study of child development, as well as the normative physical, cognitive, social, and emotional changes that take place from infancy through late childhood. This course also considers contextual influences (e.g., the family, peers, schools, culture, the media) on development and several key themes (e.g., how children shape their own development, individual differences, the use of research findings to promote children's well-being).

Student Profile: Kathryn Oswald '20

Kathryn Oswald '20

Major: Psychology
Minor: Biology

“The Psychological Science Department's classes bring current mental health conversations to the forefront, as well as cover behavioral and mental processes that can be applied in the real world or in scientific practices. I'm thankful for the breadth of topics and depth of examination that the program provides and the relationships I’ve built with thoughtful and engaging professors.”

Meet Our Faculty

The Psychological Science faculty have scholarly interests as diverse as the subject itself. From cultural influences on social development to political psychology, mindfulness and psychological wellbeing to discourse processing and creation of false memories, at HWS you will gain exciting new knowledge from experts in the discipline. Scroll below to meet our team of innovators, scholars and above all, dedicated teachers.

Psychological Science News

Celebrating Community Engagement in 2021

Thu, 03 Jun 2021

Nieves and BrushHobart and William Smith recognize students, faculty and partners in Geneva for their investment in the local community.

Ashdown, Bodenlos, Kingery Awarded Faculty Prizes

Thu, 27 May 2021

Ashdown, Bodenlos, KingerySelected by their colleagues, three professors earned annual honors for their work as educators, scholars and community leaders. Associate Professors of the Psychological Science Brien Ashdown, Jamie Bodenlos and Julie Newman…

Graham’s An Internet in Your Head Published

Tue, 18 May 2021

An Internet in Your Head2Neuroscientists are starting to realize that, in addition to performing computations, the brain also must communicate within itself. The key point is that, although communication involves computation, communication systems rely on different fundamental design principles than those of computing systems,” Graham writes.

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