20 June 2024 Rohlfs '25 Lands Internship with Hubbell Incorporated By Cassandra Lundgren '26

Charlotte Rohlfs ’25 is serving as a purchasing intern with Hubbell Incorporated.

Economics major and triple minor in chemistry, data analytics and entrepreneurial studies Charlotte Rohlfs ’25 has landed a summer internship with Hubbell Incorporated.

As a purchasing intern, Rohlfs is zeroing in on risk analysis to help analyze the company’s activities for potential hazards and opportunities. She is also developing a scorecard to offer insight into the vendor's performance and efficacy. 

“The significance of this position for me lies in its promise to open doors to a previously unexplored industry. It represents an exciting journey into the unknown, offering me the chance to broaden my horizons and gain invaluable real-world insights,” Rohlfs says.

Rohlfs identified the opportunity at Hubbell Incorporated with help from Senior Associate Director of Career Services Shayne Feinberg, who she says gave her confidence throughout her internship search.

Rohlfs recently studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary where she had the opportunity to take a Corporate Finance course. In combination with her coursework on campus, she says she has developed critical “analytical skills” and has gained a strong foundation in “understanding organizational and management principles.”

Rohlfs has a familial connection to HWS. Her sister Lauren ’21 is Hobart and William Smith graduate, earning a B.S. in biology. 

On campus, Rohlfs is a student assistant coach for the William Smith field hockey team.