Media and Society

"Media studies" refers to the examination of visual, aural, and textual information and entertainment that is reproduced and transmitted to mass audiences using a series of complex and changing technologies. HWS was among the first liberal arts colleges in the country to offer a major in Media Studies in 1996. From its inception, the Media and Society Program has fostered a sustained, sophisticated, and comprehensive analysis of the media’s pervasive cultural influence from a variety of perspectives and guided by two fundamental goals:

  • To engage students in the critical analysis of the influences of mass media from both the socio-political and cultural/artistic perspectives.
  • To stimulate students to express their creative imaginations through self-expression in writing and the visual arts.

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Student Profile:
Gianna Gonzalez '20

Gianna Gonzalez '20

Majors: English and Media & Society
Minor: Music

After my intro course with Assistant Professor Rebecca Burditt, I knew I wanted to be a Media and Society major. In each class, the creative lessons and projects gave me a freedom to explore what I truly want to do in my career. Each class touches on what happens in the current media, which allows for personalized and real-time analyses of how these moments impact our society.

Meet Our Faculty

The Media & Society faculty have scholarly interests as diverse as the subject itself. From cinema to global musicals, from advertising to stardom and fan studies, at HWS you will gain exciting new knowledge from experts in the discipline. Scroll below to meet our team of innovators, scholars and above all, dedicated teachers. Meet the entire department >

Media & Society News

Riggins ’22 Secures Internship at Merkley & Partners

Thu, 09 Jul 2020

RIGGINS SHAYNAShayna Riggins ’22 landed an advertising internship at Merkley & Partners in New York City for the summer of 2021. As a Media and Society major and Spanish and Africana…

Hobart Alum Named President of Octagon

Wed, 10 Jun 2020

Lou KovacsOctagon, the world’s leading sports and entertainment marketing and talent firm, enjoyed its best financial year to date in 2019, with a record 30 new brand and sports property clients…

Virtual Sendoff for Media and Society Graduates

Thu, 28 May 2020

Burditt Rebecca,  Classroom, Media and Society, SternUnable to celebrate in person because of the coronavirus pandemic, the faculty from the Media and Society (MDSC) Department honored graduating seniors in a Zoom event that featured awards, honors…

Sample Courses

Global Cinema
Investigate contemporary global cinema and its intersections with various national cinemas, including the cinemas of the U.S., Italy, India, China, Mexico, Japan, Senegal, Iran, Peru, and Canada, among others, while considering the impact of international film festivals, trade policies, immigration, transnational stardom, piracy, translation, and censorship. Next, enroll in PHIL 230, Aesthetics, and find answers to questions such as: What is the nature of artistic creativity? What role should critics play? Is there truth in art?