Student Scholarly Experiences

Student Scholarly Experiences will support students conducting a scholarly or creative project under the supervision of a faculty or staff member over the summer. This could involve a faculty member supervising a student-inspired creative project or scholarly project. Alternatively, students could conduct scholarly work that would support the college’s academic mission or a faculty members scholarship.

Examples of the first could include a writing project, the creation of an artistic project, or an independent investigation of scholarly activity. These types of projects include what is supported under the Stephen W. Woodworth ’54 Fisher Center Fellowship or other humanities, arts and social sciences projects which fall outside the scope of the mentored research opportunities. Examples of the second category could include collaborating with faculty or on a scholarly project which supports the Seneca Review or the Center for Teaching and Learning, or supporting a faculty member conducting a literature review for an upcoming book.

While students may apply for a scholarly project with any faculty/staff supervisor, the following have already shared ideas for potential opportunities.

  • Emily Fisher: Psychological Science: Projects across the Discipline of Psychological Science
  • Meghan Jordan: Art and Architecture: HWS Art Collection or Davis & Solarium Galleries
  • Christine de Denus: First Generation Initiative/Chemistry: My Lived Experience as a First-Generation Student at HWS
  • James Henry-Holland: Asian Studies/Anthropology: Ethnographic Research/Japan-Related Research/Research Relating to the Culture of Tea
  • Geoffrey Babbitt: Writing and Rhetoric/English: Seneca Review Database Building

Selected participants will spend eight weeks of their summer on campus while meeting with their faculty supervisor weekly. The start date varies with the project and will be worked out in conjunction with the faculty supervisor. Students receive housing on campus and a weekly stipend of $550. Each student is required to produce a short written summary of their research and present a poster at the Summer Research Symposium during Parent and Family Weekend.


Think of a scholarly project that would engage you for eight weeks. Contact potential faculty or staff members who might have the expertise to supervise such a project to discuss the details of the planned projects. Alternatively, contact a faculty and staff member in a field of your interest and ask if they have any projects which could use your scholarly support.

Complete the Application which will ask for both project description and a plan for accomplishing your goals over the eight weeks.  You will need to list the name of the faculty supervisor in the application. You should only do this if they have already agreed to serve in this role.

Deadline for student applications: February 12, 2024 at 11 p.m.

Students will be notified of placement during the week of February 19.