Submit News to Classnotes: If you have news about yourself or your classmates - professional advancements or achievements, marriage, births, deaths, or anything else of note - that you would like to submit to Classnotes, you can now do so online or by emailing your Class Correspondent.

For questions regarding Classnotes, contact Theresa H. Gage P'22, Assistant Director of Engagement Programming, at 315-781-3393 or

Are you a Hobart and William Smith graduate interested in serving as class correspondent? This volunteer role is a great way to stay in touch with classmates and help others stay connected and apprised of all of your milestones. Please contact Theresa H. Gage P'22 at 315-781-3393 or

Responsibilities Include:

  • Compose a column for each issue of the Pulteney Street Survey magazine that is produced two to three times per year.
  • Submit each column on or before the designated column due date. The due date for each column submission is announced approximately 4 weeks in advance.
  • Conduct frequent, ongoing outreach to classmates requesting content to include in your columns.
  • Work as needed with the Office of Alumni and Alumnae Relations to reach your classmates and edit your columns.

Below is a list of current class correspondents, please see if your class is in need of a volunteer.

Class year


WS '49

B. Anne Roth Commerton

WS '50

Ruth Ey Hyde

H '51

Edward T. Hanley Jr.

WS '53

Dorothy Chastney Emer

H '54

William W. Rose, Jr.

H '55

Edward Froelich

H '56

Charles N. Schwartz

H '57

Lud A. Ziegelmair

WS '57

Jacquie Wrubel Savits

H '58

Steve Blacker

WS '58

Barbara Smith Block '58

H '59

Eric Hall Anderson

WS '59

Carol Redwood Riker

H '60

Gerald J. Pollack

WS '60

Chari Herendeen Krenis

H '61

David F. Gaylord

WS '61

Meredith Speirs Penfield

H '62

William H. Corwin (Bill)

WS '62

Judith Bleakley O'Neill (Kip)

H '63

James V. Zurer (Jim)

WS '63

Kate Carleton Washburn

H '64

Martin J. Rosen

WS '64

Mary-Jo Bryan Wolsky

H '65

Stuart Pierson

WS '65

Elizabeth Johnston DeRosa (Libby)

H '66

Lt. Col. John E. Norvell, Ret.

WS '66

Susan Shapiro Steadman

H '67

Joel E. Shepard

WS '67

Maggie Fry Carr

H '68

Roger Turner

WS '68

Martha Stuart Jewett (Marty)

H '69

Lt. Col. Robert A. Kowal (Bob)

WS '69

Ginny Knight Sargent

H '70

John A. Pulos

WS '70

Christine Roberts Hawley (Chris)

H '71

Roland J. Misarti

WS '71

Nancy Nowak Rutherford

H '72

Henry J. Lenz

WS '72

Janet Selover Van Abs

H '73

Timothy M. Richards (Tim)

WS '73

Marjorie Torelli

H '74

Michael A. Orth

WS '74

Joanne Conrad

H '75

Zachary S. Chaikin (Zach)

WS '75

Mary E. Hughes

H '76

Tony Payne

WS '76

Christine Rolland

H '77

John A. Hoff, Jr.

WS '77

Kristin C. Ohms-McNamara

H '78

William T. Martin (Bill)

WS '78

Mary M. Collins

H '79

Anthony Reid (Tony)

WS '79

Amy Batterman Ditchek

WS '80

Kathleen Hare Day (Kathy)

H '81

Lawrence M. Larson

WS '81

Pamela Freund Starr

H '82

Tom Hall

WS '82

Linda E. Reiter
Jane Monness Brickman

H '83

Dr. Michael J. Miller (Mike)

WS '83

Carol Shanks Dougherty

H '84

David S. Heiserman

H '85

Paul Joslin

WS '85

Mary E. Reilly

H '86

Christophe M. Kusel

H '87

Cameron K. Brown (Cam)

WS '87

Sara Campbell Lodini

H '88

Joseph C. Tully

WS '88

Deirdre Slavin-Mitchell

WS '89

Laura Graff Coburn

H '90

Michael A. Acquilano (Mike)

WS '90

Rosyln Yard Cassano

H '91

Steve G. Hubbard

WS '91

Alexandra Palmer (Alex)

H '92

Sean Crowley

WS '92

Amy Ziff

H '93

Brendan E. Neary

WS '93

Natalie Gurdak Lontchar

H '94

Drummond C. Bell IV

H '95

Daniel B. Bornstein (Dan)

WS '95

Alison Propeck Harrity

H '96

Michael Mills

WS '96

Lakisha Williams

H '97

James Painton

WS '97

Casey K. Donohue

H '98

Joseph J. LaSala (Joe)

WS '98

Kate Strouse Canada

H '99

Erik D. Adamsen
Tripp Stewart

WS '99

Meredith A. Moriarty

H '00

Eric J. Isban

WS '00

Sarah Seccombe Pettitt

H '01

James M. Breslin (Jamie)

WS '01

Megan Colosimo

H '02

Stephen T. Chabot (Steve)

WS '02

Sara Wingerath-Schlanger

H '03

C. Todd Patterson

WS '03

Kristen Mogilnicki Good
Meg Marsh

H '04

Joseph Rivera-Ramos

H '05

Paul McNeil

WS '05

Caroline Wenzel Chapman

H '06

Willet V. Hossfeld

WS '06

Kate Chabot Madden

WS '07

Ashley Kent Rosati

H '08

Evan S. Brown

WS '08

Tiffany Lord

H '09

Brendan Corbett Csaposs

WS '09

Katie Taylor

H '10

Roger Arnold

WS '10

Lauren Budd Curtin

H '11

Hannan Merritt

WS '11

Megan A. Rechin
Kimberly Shorb

H '12

Andrew Donovan

WS '12

Kaylyn S. O'Brien

H '13

Andrew Oliveira

WS ’13

Kazia Berkley-Cramer

H '14

Clune Walsh

WS '14

Cameron W. Gaynor

H '15

Carter H. Brown

WS '15

Caroline G. Demeter

H '16

Max Gorton

WS '16

Dana Williams

H '17

Matthew Skinner

WS '17

Brett Danziger

H '18

Harrison Luce

WS '18

Micaela Carney

H '19

Cort Williams

WS '19

Liza R. Plummer

H '20

Tanner J. Arnold
Gavin J. Flood

WS '20

Gianna Gonzalez

H '21

Cuinn Lauten

WS '21

Carling Landeche

H '22

Thomas G. Shea

WS '22

Caroline R. Martocci