The FLI Information Clearinghouse is a collection of approximately 2,000 regionally-related documents of various media pertaining to the Finger Lakes environment, sustainable development and economy. The expanding clearinghouse contains information, rare documents, citations, publications, and educational materials, available to campus and regional residents, to further advance awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the Finger Lakes’ spheres of sustainability (economy, society, environment) related to decision making and management of the region’s communities and natural resources. The FLI Information Clearinghouse is searchable within the HWS Library Collections. Exemplifying the Information Clearinghouse is the FLI’s Educational Exhibit Area which hosts multiple public exhibits illustrating information focused on the region’s scientific history, ecological health, and agricultural significance. The FLI Classroom hosts ‘Illustrate the Finger Lakes’ which welcomes local artists, students, and HWS employees to display their artistic interpretations of the Finger Lakes natural environment so to emphasize the interdisciplinary approach to eco-consciousness in learning and lifestyle.


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