JUNE 7-9, 2024: CLASSES OF 1974

The Classes of 1974 50th Reunion registration is coming soon.


Whether you've been a steadfast attendee at every reunion over the past five decades or have drifted apart since your graduation, your participation holds immense value for the upcoming Hobart and William Smith 50th Reunion celebration.

Every June, the 50th Reunion Classes assemble in Geneva, N.Y., to honor the past, revive old connections, and forge new bonds. Your weekend begins with a relaxed reception on Thursday, laying the foundation for a remarkable lineup of events. The itinerary encompasses class-specific gatherings and dinners, entertainment, enlightening Reunion Classes, leisurely outdoor pursuits, the grand parade, guided campus tours, and personal moments to unwind and bask in the tranquil beauty of early summer by Seneca Lake.

Embrace the numerous opportunities presented by this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You have the chance to actively contribute to the Echo & Pine, assume a volunteer role for your Reunion Committee, and showcase your support for HWS by making a gift in honor of your Reunion Class.


The generosity of alumni who celebrate their reunions each year has a substantial impact on today’s students. Reunion class gifts provide an extra boost to the Annual Fund, directly benefiting current student experiences by offering scholarships, diverse learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom, prominent academic programs, an array of extracurricular choices, and more. Your gift this year not only aids the Colleges but also contributes to your Reunion Class Gift. Make your gift today.


A planned gift allows you to establish a lasting legacy at the Colleges that aligns with your preferences and desires, all without affecting your current lifestyle. If you've included Hobart and William Smith Colleges in your long-term plans or intend to do so, kindly inform us so we can welcome you into The Wheeler Society. The Wheeler Society recognizes individuals and families who have created planned gifts. Visit the Wheeler Society webpage for further details. 

Anderton 50th Reunion Cup

The Anderton 50th Reunion Cup, established in 2018 by Dr. James Anderton IV ’65, will be awarded to the 50th Reunion Classes that meet or exceed three out of four fundraising initiatives from the past two years.

Looking in the Mirror 50 Years Past


At the HWS 50th Reunion Dinner, we softly chanted as Sue Trump sang sweetly as ever, “…We can’t return, we can only look behind from where we came...” Yet return we did!

During June 2 – 4, 2023 close to 50 members of the Class of ’73 revisited the hallowed shore of Lake Seneca. Retracing our steps around the campus viewing its current revivified scenery cleverly blending old and new, we reflected on what within us had changed and what remained the same.

From Alma Mater, the Class of ‘73 had taken flight in every direction with a vast array of hopes, dreams and aspirations. To Reunion, we returned in reverential gratitude for the years well-spent in preparation for a life of consequence. We were unified in awe of all we each were doing and had accomplished, as well as our contributions and the totality of our societal impact.

And as we matched the faint recollection of a classmate’s name to a now matured face, it was déjà vu, but with a wondrous surrealistic twist. Like the double-faced Greek god, Janus, it was a rare existential experience to peer inside the past with a mind stationed in what would be its future.

We entered HWS as a radical generation with a strong mind to change the world. We returned a stronger generation in a radically changing world. Seeing the reflection of ourselves in the gleaming, hope-filled eyes of the students, we passed to them the symbolic mantle, confident the world of the future would be alright. - Kay Payne, Echo & Pine 1973


For general inquiries about the 50th Reunion, please email Angela Tallo ’05, Director of Development and the Wheeler Society, at tallo@hws.edu