Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for 2023-2024 Academic Year


Per Semester

Per Year




Standard Room



Odell's Village



Meal Plans (one is required of all students)


Per Semester

Per Year

Finger Lakes meal plan



Seneca meal plan



Geneva block plan



Pulteney block plan



Co-op housing meal charge



Click here for additional information on meal plans.

Required Fees


Per Semester

Per Year

Health and Wellness Fee *



Undergrad Student Activity Fee^



Masters Student Activity Fee^



Technology Fee**



Other fees

Car registration


Limited use (Odell's/fraternities) car registration


Lock change (depending on type)

30.00 - 75.00

Replacement of OneCard


Study Abroad Surcharge


Transcript fee


Enrollment Down Payment^^



* - The Health and Wellness Fee is required of all full time students and provides support for a broad range of services including mental health counseling, drug and alcohol counseling programs, and wellness activities at Bristol Field House. Please note that this fee is not associated with the domestic Student Health insurance option, which is an opt-in program at an additional cost.

^ - The Student Activity Fee is required of all full time students. The student government has established a student activities fee that is billed and collected by the Colleges on behalf of student government. This fee covers the expenditures of student organizations and is subject to change by student referendum.

** - The Technology Fee is required of all full and part time students. This fee enables technology-related student services like help desk support, wireless networking, access to instructional technology tools and software, and training classes.

^^ - The enrollment down payment is posted to the student's upcoming first term, and is applied as a payment to their first semester bill. Please note that should a student decide not to matriculate into the Colleges, the enrollment down payment is forfeited.

Course Fees

Applied Music Classes (Music Lessons) carry an additional nonrefundable fee of $368. Certain other short term study abroad courses may carry an additional fee. Rates are determined in conjunction with student enrollment after arrangements are finalized and may be billed later than the standard term bill. The cost of attending certain off-campus programs exceeds regular tuition, fees, room and board.

Fraternity Housing and Meal plans

All college-managed fraternity housing must maintain 95 percent occupancy or the fraternity residents must meet a corresponding financial obligation. Occupancy levels will be determined each semester following the second week of that semester. If such a financial obligation arises, additional room charges necessary to meet the 95 percent occupancy target will be charged to the appropriate students' account for that semester. Note that fraternities bill the students directly for their house meal plans, and therefore fraternity residents are not required to carry a school meal plan.

OneCard Funds

The OneCard is the official Colleges ID and is used across campus: such as getting into your residence hall, working out at the gym, doing laundry, and attending campus events all made easy with this multi-purpose card. It can also be used to fund Community Cash. Community Cash is a declining balance account that can be used for purchases on campus for the on campus eateries or at the Colleges Bookstore. There are also several off campus vendors participating in the program. Funds are added through credit card via the OneCard website. If you have a credit balance on your student account, you can ask to transfer specific amounts to your OneCard account if covered by an existing credit. However, balances are not moved from the OneCard account to the student account. Click here for more information.