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Historians seek to understand what humanity is by investigating what humanity has done. The Department of History conceives the human community:

  1. in time, attempting not merely to chronicle events but to explain events in their various connections;
  2. in space, juxtaposing events and their explanations in one part of the world with events and explanations in other parts of the world; and
  3. in a system of analytic categories, exploiting every explanatory feature of the humanistic disciplines and of the social and natural sciences that offers insight into human thought and activity in the past.

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“Destined for Greatness”: Alger Adams Dinner 2022
Yoshikawa Awarded Fulbright to Taiwan
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Student Profile:
Hannah Bini '20

Hannah Bini '20

Majors: History Major, Latin Minor

"While abroad in Rome I had the opportunity to study Latin inscriptions. This experience allowed me to gain a more in-depth knowledge of how the language was used and to see the world from a different perspective. Coming into college, I didn't expect to study Latin, but now I feel lucky to have discovered the language."

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Sample Courses

Soccer: Around the World with the Beautiful Game
This course provides a whirlwind tour of the sport that explores its industrial roots, its dissemination around the world, and with scheduled pit-stops on five continents, makes visible the sometimes hopeful, oftentimes violent, and always controversial nature of the beautiful game's rich past.


The History faculty have scholarly interests as diverse as the subject itself. From oceanic history to the history of voting rights, from mass transit to bacteriology and immunology, at HWS you will gain exciting new knowledge from experts in the discipline. Scroll below to meet our team of historians, scholars and above all, dedicated teachers. Meet the entire department >